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Connect a non-USB device- modem, printer or GPS device to a USB 1.1 compliant PC.

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Black Box USB Solo- DB25 Converter
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Black Box USB Solo- DB25 Converter Product #: 5SAR.004.04.002
Price: $38.99
Usually ships within 24 hrs


Plug-and-Play Connections Made Easy 

Black Box USB Solo adds peripherel devices to your PC via Universal Series Bus (USB). It replaces all the different serial and paralell conenctors with one standardized port. Just plug USB-Compliant PCs and peripherals in and turn them on. This handy convert allows you to connect non-USB devices, such as modems, printers, and GPS devices, to a USB 1.1-compliant PC. 


• Replaces serial and paralell port
• Supported b Intel and
• DB-25 capability
• Warranty-Labor: 1 Year, Warranty-Parts : 1 Year

Length: 7.00 inches
Width  : 4.00 inches
Height : 1.50 inches
Cube   : 0.024

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