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Quick/Easy USB Voltage & Current Measurement Tool

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USB Power Monitor
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USB Power Monitor Product #: ST034TT05-01-001
Price: $49.99
Usually ships within 24 hrs


The USB Power Monitor is a test tool which allows the user to monitor the voltage and current used by the device under test.
USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible
Large, easy to read LCD
Folding Stand
Auto Power-Down
Peak Hold
Measures current in either direction (Host>Device or Device>Host
Batteries and USB Cable included
Maximum Voltage Reading +/- 19.99 Volts
Voltage Reading Accuracy: +/- 0.1 volt from -10V to 10V; 5% from 10.01V to 19.99V; 5% from -10.01V to -19.99V
Maximum Current Reading +/- 1999 mA
Current Reading Accuracy: +/- 2mA from -500mA to 500mA; 5% from 501mA to 1999mA; 5% from -501mA to -1999mA
USB Type B upstream Jack 
USB type A downstream Jack

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